Day 9

Pucture Early this morning we were packed, weighed, and waiting for our ride to the airport to fly to Moscow.  But, as we think of our short week spent in the Ukrainian our memories are filled with thoughts of spirit filled classes, gracious hosts, laughter and fellowship, unfinished and rickety elevator, beautiful women, well dressed children in graduation dresses, suits and ties, red tulips popping up everywhere, American slang T shirts worn by both male and female youth, lilacs and chestnut trees in bloom, wonderful interpreters, Babushkas’, range of hair color on women from orange to purple, bumpy linoleum, beautiful wood carvings, nice weather, light until late in the evening, walking, riding in vans, buses, and taxi’s and Jen and Libbie running up 11 flights of stairs. But we must now move on to our next adventure.

PuctureAs we exited the Moscow airport we were met by the very efficient Children Hope Chest personnel, Masha, in fashionable high heel tennis shoes, Natasha, a beautiful orphan graduate (she is getting her Masters Degree in Social Work in June) and Nastya, another truly sharp young woman, met us as we began the second chapter of our Mission adventure.

PuctureMoscow is a city of great wealth, culture and massive traffic jams, which is why it is always preferable to take the Metro.  So, after a quick lunch at a nearby mall, like Muscovites’, we hopped on the Metro for a quick sightseeing venture into Moscow.  Sherri, our 9th team member arrived from London this afternoon.