Day 5

Amazing Day!
PictureThis Saturday began with an admonishment from Doris from 1 Thessalonians that we have been approved by God to be entrusted with the gospel - so we set out with these words in our minds and hearts and with our feet to see beautiful Kyiv.

Today we learned about the history of Ukraine beginning with an outdoor museum called Pyrohiv -Replica of Carpathian Village.  We saw many huts and churches from Ukrainian history and experienced the traditional Ukrainian culture. 

PictureAfter a Ukrainian lunch we moved onto Andriivs’kyi Street for some serious power shopping.  Today, the Team did improve the economy of Kyiv.  Next we were off to view the statue of Mother Russia and visit the WWII Museum. 

There we learned of the horrific suffering of the Ukrainians and also their bravery and valor as they defeated the Nazi Army under extreme conditions.  We were able to obtain a greater understanding of the unimaginable sufferings and tragedies of the Ukrainian people.

PictureThat evening we were mightily blessed as we gathered for dinner with many of God's faithful servants in Kyiv.  It was wonderful to visit with our training coordinator Anya Geletiuk and her husband Ruslan who works for Ukraine Without Orphans. Phillip and his wife Masha who has been a friend of MPPC teams for over 10 years, started and is the pastor for an evangelical church in Kiev.  We learned that their church building houses 16 other churches - such a wonderful witness for Christ.  Our interpreter Olya Slivka and her husband Andrew joined us along with friends, Veronica and Lena and Lena’s fiancée Michael.  We were honored also to have Dr. Roman and his wife Natasha.  The story of the work they have done at Father's House and elsewhere is full of miracles and God's glory.  Brian and Olena Welsh from CCX also joined us.  Menlo Park's support of these efforts has been a fruitful testament of Christ's love.  It was an evening of Christ's body brought together for support and encouragement in His service.

PictureThank all of you for your prayers and support for this chance to carry the gospel out into the entire world.