Day 11

PictureIt was a busy day in Ryazan.  First on the agenda was a visit to a Tech School where orphan graduates learn a trade and skills useful in getting a job.  This school specialized in teaching construction skills. Director Sergei proudly shows us some of the students work projects.  Bob Mudd of Children’s Hope Chest also told us that MPPC had provided funds for a psychologist to work with the students on life skill issues.

PictureThis afternoon we visited the Children’s Hope Chest Ministry Center.  Thanks again to a contribution from MPPC the Center was opened two years ago and is starting to reach orphan grads and others in the Ryazan region.  After a brief tour of the Center a number of grads and staff, along with our wonderful translators, gathered in the main room to do some art therapy directives beginning with all of making creative nametags in Russian and English.  We all had so much fun with this icebreaker and it led to some of the grads (girls only) telling us their life story.  There were some older teenager boys playing ping pong in the next room but we believe they were only there to watch the girls.  After some time some of them did join us and did talk some about themselves.  Certainly, a glimmer of trust and the beginning of hope.

PictureDinner that night was a pizza party for the young mothers group.  Such a delight to see the mothers (some fathers) and the cutie babies and young children.