Day 11

PictureSightseeing today was different.  We have seen many sights in Moscow but we have always used the Metro.  Today we took a city tour by bus (above ground) - such a difference.

PictureWe left the hotel about 10 and drove through the streets of Moscow stopping at the 15th Century Novodevichy Convent and the Novodevichy Cemetery for distinguished Russian such as Raisa Gorbachova, Nikita Krushchev and Boris Yelsin.

PictureThen it was on to a scenic area overlooking the Moscow River and the City.  From there we drove to Victory Park (Pobedy).  We only spent a short time there as it started to rain so we all jumped back on the bus and drove around Red Square and the Kremlin.  Just as we parked the rain stopped and the sun came out.  Such a blessing and besides it was time to leave the bus and have lunch.

PictureThis afternoon we walked through Alexander’s Gardens with all the tulips in full bloom and then into the Kremlin to see the Assumption Cathedral, the Church of the twelve Apostles and others.