Day 1

May 2011 Ukraine/Russian Mental Health Mission Trip

PictureStarring MPPC’ers Mary Ann and Pat Fisher, Bob and Doris Arrington, Emily McCormick, Carol Johnson, Janet Van Pelt, Aquilina (beanie baby eagle),  Sherri Auchard, and mid Western ladies, Jen Alward from Wisconsin and Libbie Mc Donald from Michigan.  Four of the women are Psychologists/Art Therapist, the rest are psychologists.

PictureSponge Bob (a title conferred  by our Russian interpreters) was the leader with a big L and his friend Patrick was the team photographer with a big P, shooting over 3000 pics.

Five of us started late on Day 1 (May 10) waiting for one member who was lost and wandering in Hillsborough.  Luckily she was found in time so we all headed to SFO thanks to transportation help from fellow MPPC’ers Jim and Jan Rochette where we boarded a plane to Munich and then on to Kyiv.  Sleepily we arrived at our apartments in Kyiv at 1am (Day 3).  Our buddies Jen and Libbie, who had arrived hours earlier, greeted us at the double locked front doors to nice big apartments, with strange and cold showers, big hot tubs and small washing machines.  Our breakfast view later that morning was the Kyiv Opera House Square. 

PictureIt’s a tough job but someone has to do it. 

“Sir”, you have nothing to draw with and the well is deep. John 4:11