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Greetings from the
2004 MPPC - Senegal
Healthcare Mission Team


 Prayer Requests

We are very excited to tell you that our trip to Senegal (May 8th through 22nd). And since we know that there is no way that we can do this trip on our own strength, we would appreciate your prayers. We would also appreciate it if you'd pray for our ministry partners and most importantly that as the Holy Spirit goes ahead of us that hearts will be softened as they hear the gospel of Jesus Christ, and they will turn to the Savior for eternal healing.

During our trip, we will be working in Dakar and Thies, Senegal, one of the poorer countries in West Africa. We will be providing medical care to over 500 Senegalese. We will be working in the urban and rural areas of Dakar and Thies. In addition to caring for the physical needs of the Senegalese people, we will be joined by the local Missions doctor and nurses, local church members and the Missionaries from Inter-Senegal Missions (ISM) - Partner's International, to provide spiritual hope as we share the gospel of Jesus Christ with everyone who comes to our clinics. As a result, this is a combination service and evangelism outreach, with the MPPC mission's team and Christian nationals.

 Prayer Requests:

  • That we will be able to serve with energy and love
  • That valuable medical care will be provided in Christ's name.
  • Team unity & a servant attitude
  • Safety and health during the trip
  • Flexibility to adapt to cultural differences and schedule changes
  • Openness to God's leading and lessons
  • Blessed fellowship with our partners in local missions
  • That an impact will be made that glorifies God

Our Missions committee has put together a cool video that shows some of our partners in Senegal and Nicaragua.

Please pray for us and as God leads you, support us financially.

Thank you for your support, prayers and love. In Christ's service,

Senegal 2004 team