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Our team will fly from San Francisco to Dakar, Senegal, one of the very westernmost cities in this westernmost African country. From there, we drive to Thies, which will be our home base during the two weeks. Our host will be Inter-Senegal Missions (ISM), affiliated with Partners International. This includes Missionaries, Doctors, some Medical Aides Women's ministry teachers. They are in the process of constructing a four story clinic, which will be partially complete during our stay.

Our first week will be spent ministering to the local population in Thies, providing primary care and public health training. In addition to providing personnel, our team will bring approximately $15,000 worth of medicine and supplies to distribute. Our second week will be spent in a village east of Thies, ministering to tribal people.

Over the course of our visit, our national partners have graciously scheduled time to show us their beautiful country. We will have the opportunity to tour Dakar and perhaps go on a hike outside of the city. Our goal is not only to work, as we Americans are apt to do, but to build  relationships with our Senegalese partners.

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