2004 Rwanda Celebration Mission

You may recall that Rwanda experienced 100 bloody days of genocide from April to July, 1994, during which 800,000 men, women and children lost their lives in devastating ethnic slaughter, all while the world watched and did nothing. Ten years later, the country is experiencing a renewal, thanks to a democratically elected government, and the work of missionaries who are bringing the Word to the people of Rwanda. African Enterprise has missionaries throughout Africa, including paid staff and missionaries in Rwanda. Bob Rice of Menlo Park Presbyterian Church has been in Rwanda for nearly two years, working with African Enterprise in this evangelical undertaking.

The Rwanda Mission Team will be working with Bob and the team at African Enterprise, led by Antoine Rutayisire, in an evangelical crusade or mission. Working with pastors throughout all of Kigali, African Enterprise has been mobilizing over 100 Kigali churches to participate in the mission. Since October, they have preached in around 150 churches in Kigali to share with them the vision for the 2004 Rwanda Celebration Mission and for Operation Andrew (John 1:35-42). The idea behind Operation Andrew is for the Christians to invite their unsaved friends and family to the mission to hear the GOOD NEWS of Jesus Christ. Please pray that the Christians will be faithful to reach out and bring these folks to the mission! They plan to have at least 30 preaching sites during the mission held at larger churches throughout the city that are partnered with nearby smaller churches. A major thrust of the mission is focused upon promoting church unity and strengthening the church of Rwanda. To help, African Enterprise has sent around 27 team leaders, evangelists and administrators. In addition to the mission team from MPPC, seven other teams are flying to Rwanda from U.S., Canada, U.K., and Australia. There will also be delegates from the Great Lakes Region: Congo, Burundi, Tanzania, Uganda.


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