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Prayer Letter


Please Pray;

MPPC has been involved in a ministry to children at the Rybnoe Orphanage in Russia for over 15 years. Additionally the church has been involved with a ministry center located in the nearby town of Ryazan since the opening in 2008.  This ministry center is crucial in providing additional life skills and support for orphanage graduates who have little other opportunities for assistance after graduating the orphanage. 
Throughout the years, volunteers from our congregation have held summer and winter camps at the orphanage where we can interact with the orphanage kids, bringing lots of fun, hugs, and the sharing of God's love. Additionally, as part of our strategic partnership with our missions partner, Children's Hopechest, there is a sponsorship program which provides financial support for several programs, including a computer lab, English classes, and vocational training. This includes a life skills program in place that helps kids prepare for life outside the orphanage. Life skills programs are critical because Russian orphans are sent back into society at age 18, and some as early as 16, with little support. They typically only have access to training that will prepare them for at best, menial jobs. Many orphans become involved in crime or prostitution; 10% commit suicide.
This year, God has a different task for our team than in years past.  Instead of having a camp at the Rybnoe orphanage, we will be spending the majority of our time at the Ryazan ministry center with graduates of the orphanage system.  According to the Russia Ministry of Education, the typical orphan graduation statistics are grim:

  • 60% of orphanage “graduates” are unemployed or not in school
  • 50% use drugs and abuse alcohol
  • 60% fall into prostitution to survive
  • 15% take their own lives.

There are six of us heading over to Ryazan this winter, five returning members and one team new member. During our trip to Ryazan, we will bring crafts, sports, gifts, games, and times of sharing our convictions with the orphanage grads.  We will also be working with a local pastor in town in teaching some life skills to these young adults.  Additionally there will also be the opportunity for us to see the kids from the Rybnoe orphanage for one day.
We fervently pray that God guides us on our new mission and that we can build meaningful relationships with these orphanage graduates.  Special thanks go out to all our supporters in helping us make the trip happen, you are all a crucial members to this team in allowing us to show the love of Christ to these children and graduates.