Russian Flag

Day 6

As usual, our morning began with devotional discussing the power of teamwork. After in depth conversation, we concluded that our team's unity has been nurtured by the unique individual qualities that make us whole, and the experiences we are encountering day to day that challenge us to step out in faith.

Today for example, though we spent most of our day at the center, we participated in craft making of personal picture frames, followed by heart-warming encouragement. Members of our team shared intimate life experiences, reflecting on their personal walks with Jesus. Stories were welcomed by the audience, including love and compassion for the speakers.

After sharing, we followed the evening with tasty foods, and groovy moves. Our Christmas Day Celebration was full of love, kindness, and friendship. With young and old present, the dance floor welcomed all – including Father Frost and his granddaughter, sharing hope and sweets for the new year.

An eventful day filled with cheer and fun led the team to learn that evening about the power of no “I” in team. How unity and collaboration is greater than going at it alone. How sharing personal experiences, relate us to others across cultural boundaries, and bring us hope for the future. How as we brace to face another year, our lives intertwined have purpose, for ourselves and our Russian friends we dearly care for and embrace.