Russian Flag

Day 2

PictureThe atmosphere in Ryazan has been buzzing and exciting today as Russia prepares for New Years celebration, the biggest celebration in Russia.
To begin our day our MPPC team had breakfast together, and then shared in a devotional. Then we headed to the ministry center to meet with some of the graduates, translators, and staff members. We played a fun and long game of Uno, which opened up an opportunity for the grads to teach us some names of colors in Russian. After Uno we spent some time telling funny stories, which was a great way to laugh and share some background about ourselves and the graduates. From there we headed out to lunch at a local cafe where the were served some delicious Russian style chicken noodle soup and buckwheat. PictureMeal times have proven to be valuable opportunities to get know more about everyone, and to share about ourselves.

After lunch we headed to Funky Town where we met some more graduates and went bowling. It was such a wonderful experience as everyone got into the bowling and really had a great time. After all that bowling we all worked up an appetite so we took on the evening cold and walked over to Mc Donalds where we had an awesome dinner in the mall.
Today was a day for the graduates to have fun and say farewell to the year on a joyful note.

S novym godom (Happy New Near!)!