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Day 2

PictureThe second day of camp was wonderful. We had the the same turnout for the number of orphan grads which we consider a blessing! The lunch with the kids was good, we were able to spend more time with them in a smaller and comfortable setting which facilitated good conversations and the deepening of our relationships.

We had crafts today where we decorated water bottles, it was a big hit with everyonePicture. Some of the kids are very skilled in art! Additionally we spent some time in a question / answer session where we learned more about the kids dreams, qualities they liked about themselves, and what attributes they enjoy in their friends.

The end of the day included a lesson on good financial practices from a local pastor, Pastor Slava. The kids were very attentive and at the end seemed to grasped the main points of the lesson. We are excited about the opportunity to spend more time with Pastor Slava during the upcoming days.Picture