Russian Flag

Rybnoe Orphanage Winter Camp 2013-2014

PictureToday, the team spent a fruitful morning building relationships with the kids by doing crafts – frames, beads, painting and more – and playing games like Uno and Connect Four together.
Mid-day found us packed into the gym for another fierce game of soccer – first the boys played and then a fiesty girls vs. boys game ensued…there was much laughter, good sportsmanship and team work among the Russian kids and Americans who all played together.

With the continuation of our Narnia-based storyline, the late afternoon drama was well received once again, especially the testimony at the end given by Lana; the kids appeared to be moved by Lana’s story delivered in their native language.  We hope that at least one child’s heart was touched by Lana’s story.

While the men went to Banya (traditional Russian sauna) in the evening to spend time with the male staff members, the ladies on the team hosted a very successful party for the girls and women staff members.  With almost full attendance - nearly 20 girls and 8 staff members, the scene was a frenzy of beauty activity, including hair styling and nail painting with smiles, laughter and connecting a common theme followed by sadness to end the evening. 

In every activity, we can see our friendships deepening.   It is with heavy hearts that we end the day because we have only 3 more days of camp.