Russian Flag

Day 4

It was a late start on January 1 because of the celebration of New Years. New years in Russia, which was yesterday, the caretakers have all the kids prepare the meals, which is a very big deal in Russian culture. It revolves around preparing and serving food within the family units at Rybnoe. The kids ate until late at night, and then watched President Putin address the country before midnight. The result is a late bedtime yesterday…and a late start today!

The team got an only slightly delayed start on that day and then spent some fun downtime with the kids taking walks, playing ping-pong, in addition to board games and other sports. It was fun to just get some casual time and to build relationships with the new year’s early risers.
With the dawn of afternoon (so to speak), we had a full camp agenda planned, and the kids turned out in droves. We continued telling our Narnia-themed drama series, and one of our team members shared her story with the kids. They enjoyed the opportunity to get to know their new friend better.

In addition to that, we had a great turnout for our sports and crafts activities.

All in all, it was a great start to the new year!