Russian Flag

On this, our final day in Russia, we had the unforgettable opportunity to take in some of the richest culture in the world.  We began our day by visiting the Ismailova Market, a local outdoor market that is home to a countless number of stands showing off and selling traditional Russian arts and crafts, furs, and antiques dating back to the Soviet era.  After shopping in the cold and snowy open air market, we enjoyed some local shashlik (shish-ka-bob). 

From there, we dropped off our purchases at the hotel and got to know the Moscow subway system quite well.  We began by visiting the Christ the Savior cathedral.  The cathedral was jam packed, as it was the Orthodox Christmas Eve.  The sights at the cathedral were absolutely breathtaking. 

From the cathedral, we made the trek to the Kremlin.  This massive structure of historical buildings was absolutely mind-boggling.  From there, we walked over to Red Square and enjoyed all of the historical architecture, including the many cathedrals that were erected by various Russian czars.  Of course, St. Basils was the most popular, and amazing, sight to see.  After the sun set, Red Square transformed into a spectacle of lights and Christmas trees that were a sight to see.

From there, we had our final team dinner, strolled up and down Arbat Street for a while, simply enjoying the cold and snowy Russian atmosphere.

Our last night in Russia was one to remember.  The next morning we awoke early and reluctantly, yet eagerly boarded the bus that would eventually transfer us to the airport for our long journey home.  At the airport, the team said goodbye to Brad and Danielle, who would go on to another European destination.  The remainder of the team boarded their plane for an 11 hour flight to New York.  It was in New York that the remainder of the team would all go their separate ways.

The team would like to thank each of you who have kept up on our blog, prayed for us, and supported us through financial support or other means.  Without you, this opportunity would not have been possible.  We are humbled to say that through God, and through your support, we have accomplished our mission; one that was solely dedicated to serving our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  Thank you.