Russian Flag

Today we made more connections and had more fun with drama, sports, crafts, and just hanging out.  But I want to share a couple of thoughts from the day:

    • In the morning, I was looking at a picture of myself with Katya, one of the older girls.  Russians tend to not smile in photographs, so when I first saw the picture, it seemed like she was unhappy sitting next to me.  But after a few minutes, I began to realize that there was no fakeness in her expression, and I appreciated her being willing to just be herself. 

    • In the evening, we hung out with some of the older boys.  After a while, they became restless at the table we were sitting at, and one of them shook up a bottle of Sprite and sprayed it all over the room.  This made me angry, and I almost took all the soda and food away from the boys.  A few minutes later, though, I was surprised to find the boys helping clean the mess up.  Maybe these boys are desperate to be valued.