Russian Flag


PictureThe days seem to have flown by since we arrived in Russia, and before we knew it we had reached the midway point of our trip. As any parent can tell you, playing with kids can be an exhausting affair, but these kids just seem to energize our group more and more every day.  Today we sponsored arts and crafts and games, as well as separate boys and girls parties.  During the parties both groups played question and answer games while the girls got make over’s and the boys ate mounds of junk food and covered their bodies with gruesome tattoos.  What fun!

Aside from our sponsored events, the orphanage sponsored an orphanage-wide sports competition.  Each member of our team joined one of the housing units as a team and participated in some fun competitions.  PictureI never thought I’d have travelled this far to learn to ride a razor scooter between orange cones!  Well, my team, family unit one, came in last place, but I was very excited to be competing with one of my favorite groups of kids in the orphanage.

Today was also a very special day because we were able to spend a great amount of one-on-one time with the children.  I enjoyed several meaningful conversations with the older boys and had an amazing time teaching the younger boys how to use my iPod and to dance down the long hallway that leads to the school.  Throughout the day I even found myself getting put to work by the staff and an orphan or two.  After lunch, I told the lunch lady to relax while I washed all of her tables for her, and at the end of the day I was scammed by a 10-year-old into doing his chores for him; it was well worth it!

PictureThe events of today are simply too many to list as the days keep getting better, and better. I received two very special gifts from some very unsuspecting kids as well.  We have another action packed day planned for tomorrow as well:  I CAN’T WAIT!

I think it might, quite literally, be impossible for anybody to know the joy I have in my heart at this time.  I have never felt so loved and never loved so much.