Russian Flag

Day 7

This was our last full day at the orphanage and almost the end of a fantastic mission trip. 

Day 7Today started with crafts for pre-schoolers while at the same time Brad and Bob were hosting games in the gymnasium.  The preschoolers were fully comfortable with the Americans now so they came in ready to do some major crafting.  They finished all of the planned crafts, and then we reprised most of the others they had tried though out the week.  The paint was flying and we had major clean up when they finally finished an hour later.  Meanwhile, in the gymnasium, about 10 kids had a mellow game of football (soccer) with the guys. 

Our next activity was at 11:30 when we put on our final faith program.   We dramatized the parable of the Good Samaritan which seemed to translate well.  Two of our team members then gave testimonies to the kids who were extremely attentive for this portion of the program. 

At 12:30 we had crafts again for the older kids.  We brought out the beads, so many of the older kids were occupied with those for the full hour of crafts.  Many kids opted to decorate a T-shirt or in some instances  a second one.   Once again, the kids seemed almost frantic to make use of every last moment to do one final craft. 

Day 7At 1:30 we had lunch as usual.  It featured borscht which was delicious. 

The team then practiced talent show entries for a few minutes before heading to the auditorium to practice a joint dance.  Practice included a number of kids leading the Americans through their steps several times.  Finally, we made our final preparations for the talent show.   It is hard to know whether our team leader’s goat impression or our rendition of the Muppet’s manamana song were the most popular of our six skits.  Don’t worry, we left the Russians with a great impression of American talent. 

Day 7Finally, we had dinner and  then a tea party (tea and cake) with the key members of the Russian staff.  This was an opportunity for both Russians and Americans to express gratitude to God for a fantastic camp experience.