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DAy 4

New Year’s Day, S Novim Godim!

Day 4Day 4 started off later than most because all the kids stayed up to 4-5 in the morning celebrating the New Year coming with their family units.

We started off with our devotional and prayers with a focus on Philippians 4:4-7. After reading the passage, we also decided to include verse 8 as well and kept that in focus the day’s activities.
We had part 2 of drama, with Jesus being born, King Herod’s decree, Caesar Augustus the angel Gabriel, Joseph and Mary, the Magi, and Sheppard’s were all part of day 2 dramas. All the cast was the same, except Suzanne filled in for Debbie as Dasha because of a lost voice.

After drama we had Brad’s testimony and were well received. The children are really paying attention and listening to how God is working in our lives, and how He has worked in our lives in the past.

Day 4Then we had crafts for the toddlers and board and other games for the older kids. We played Blokus, Amazon’s, Jenga, and Mastermind, plus other games that were donated, Candyland, etc.
At 5 pm, the students had a competition of four separate tasks, and after all the competitions family 6 won the competition.

Day 4We had dinner at 6:30 and after dinner we had crafts for older kids and sports. We played basketball, volleyball, badminton, soccer and a lot of kids participated.

We had our nightly blessing of the kids, recapping the day and going over the next day’s activities, and then blessing all the kids before bedtime.