Russian Flag

Day 2

Day 3We started our day as usual with devotionals and prayer. We had a delicious hot rice pudding for breakfast at 8:30 and after breakfast we prepared for the day’s activities.

We had our first day of drama, part 1. It is the story of the birth of Jesus. Sasha and Dasha are narrating, played by Bob and Debbie. We also have Mary, played by Carolyn, Jesus played by Jeff, and the Angel Gabriel played by Igor. 

After the performance Suzanne gave her testimony to the kids and it was well received. They are very attentive and seemed to really pay attention.

Then we had crafts, decorating gift bags, making melting beads, painting magnets and starting lanyards.

Day 3After crafts came lunch and then our first internet session.

Because the New Year’s Eve is such a big celebration, families start preparing early for the upcoming feast. Each family prepares food, sweets, breads, fruit and vegetable salads for the celebratory dinner. There is so much food!

During this time some of the kids were able to read sponsor letters sent from the U.S. and were thrilled to receive them. You can really tell it means so much to them to receive them. Many times these letters are the kid’s most prized possessions.

Day 3We then had our own little New Year’s celebration and then went to bed after the midnight bell.