Russian Flag

Day 1

Day 1Our first full day in Russia began at the Cosmos Hotel in Moscow, having arrived in Russia the evening before.  The team met for a tasty Russian breakfast in the hotel restaurant and we prayed and read a devotional about Compassion.  We packed up our bags and went down to the lobby where a driver was waiting to take us shopping for the camp, followed by the trip to Ryazan.

After braving Moscow traffic and copious snow, we arrived at a Russian big-box store to purchase camp supplies.  Jeff and Carolyn needed to purchase basic clothing as well due to the fact that Lufthansa had yet to deliver their bags.  We stocked up on all sorts of gifts and camp supplies which prompted quite a few questions from the cashier about why we would need so many school notebooks.

Day 1We ate lunch in Moscow and then braved more snow as we made our trek into the Ryazan Region, southeast of Moscow.  Excitement built as we turned left off the M5 onto the road leading to the orphanage.  Our van went around the orphanage and we pulled up to the door next to the cafeteria.  The kids immediately began to flood out of the building and swept up our bags, hugging the Americans they knew from previous camps and meeting the new ones.  This year has witnessed the closing of 4 orphanages in the Ryazan Region, so many of those kids have been brought to Rybnoe.  There were many new faces.

Day 1We settled into our rooms that evening, enjoyed some dinner and set out to say goodnight to the children before bed.  Restrictions in Russia regarding the sharing of faith are on the rise, but we still were able to say a blessing for the children and express our hopes that we would get to know them even better in the days to come.