Russian Flag
Day 9

Today was a very busy day! The morning started with sporting activities, specifically basketball.  A few of the older boys were asking us all week, "when are we going to play basketball?"; finally they got what they were asking for!  Actually we had more than we could handle from them!

The drama of the day included a story about Moses and the Ten Commandments along with a few skits, riddles, and team building exercises.  We included the kids in the biblical story which is always a good way to engage them.  The big hit during craft time was t-shirts.  Some of the kids are extremely artistic!  One of the kids made an exact replica drawing of his favorite soccer team emblem on his shirt!

The majority of the afternoon was spent practicing for the talent show.  The talent show was extremely entertaining.  After entertaining the entire crowd with a Russian folk dance (dancers included Russians and Americans!), one of our team members played the balalaika (Russian musical instrument) with some of the Russian staff acting as background singers.  The American acts also included a few skits, a card trick (the kids loved it, note for next trip . . . learn more card tricks), a YMCA music dance, and an imitation of a chimpanzee (played perfectly by one of our most outgoing team members!).  Our Russian hosts were not shy in displaying their talents as well. We were entertained by singing, dancing, and were showered with very gracious gifts from our hosts at the end.  

The end of the evening included sorting out the gifts we will be handing out tomorrow.  We can't believe how fast the time has flown!