Russian Flag
Day 7

Today was American Day.  The morning started off with an American style breakfast cooked by a few of the team members and translators.  We served eggs, ham and orange juice; the kids seemed to love it.  After lunch was crafts.  The kids enjoyed  making model airplanes along with the usual beads and bag decoration activities.  Once crafts were finished, it was time for outdoor fun!  We led the kids in flying the model planes along with a waterballoon toss which quickly turned into a waterballoon fight!

After a busy morning, the team cooked an American lunch of spaghetti and meat sauce.   The afternoon activities included dance practice for the talent show on Friday.  Also some team members some chocolate chip cookies from scratch for snack time;  they disappeared quite quickly.

The American Day drama included a rendition of John Denver's "Country Road" along with a skit depicting the biblical story Daniel in the Lions Den. Also, one of our team members gave his testimony. The kids seemed very engaged during the entire show.

The evening concluded with men's sauna and the girls party.