Russian Flag

Day 5

What a great day to be in Russia! Today it was Russian day, the team woke up early pumped up and ready to go. We ate breakfast then went to the monastery and what an experience it was. We took a tour guided by one of the monks, were lead throughout the grounds, and got to stand in on one of the orthodox services. After the monastery the team went to where the natural spring empties and a few of the team members took a dip in the pools. The water is said to have healing qualities as well as being very clean and pure.

Back at the orphanage we enjoyed lunch and a dance performance followed by Russian games and learning traditional Russian dances. What a great day it was. At the end of the day we asked the children what they were thankful for, it was awesome to see how many of the girls opened up and to hear what they were thankful for. The boys are a little slower to join in on the sharing side but they come around more every day. What a great trip it has been, I can’t wait to see what is in store for tomorrow, stay tuned!