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Day 4

PictureDay 4, August 20th…just an amazing day! We were able to visit two of the summer camps, which are in the woods. Most of the kids are at these camps during the summer. This was an incredible blessing, to be able to reconnect with some kids that many of us knew from previous camps. Some highlights were that the kids immediately came to hug and laugh and hold our hands as we arrived. We were sad to only have a couple of hours at each camp, but thankful to get that time. We played soccer (futbol), basketball, UNO, did face painting and just talked (through the interpreters) to some of the kids. We also got great news that the kids at the second camp will be returning to the orphanage this Wednesday. This was very exciting to have probably another 20 kids join the 30+ kids here at “American Camp.” One of the other highlights was the boy-girl games that were just a riot-so much fun as part of the team competition. The teams had to do a bunch of events, all tied to our nautical team for the camp: jumping rope to show that the men could demonstrate their ability to fight the sea dragons, dressing up the women in sea goddesses, dancing like sea mermaids/mermen, riding sea horses, etc. The children were laughing and having such a good time. Then prayer time before bed was very special, because we had the kids share the things that they were thankful for during the day…a few kids shared some of their thankfulness for the camp and the Americans, which made us realize the significance of the camps every six months.