Russian Flag
Day 1

Well we made it to Moscow! The first flight was uneventful but there was a 2 hour delay leaving Washington DC so we did not get to Moscow until about 1 pm. However the good news is that the team is safe and all the bags made it ok.

We were met at the airport by Masha and Natasha and we arrived at our hotel around 4 pm. After freshening up (sorely needed!), the team went to Moo Moos for a hearty dinner and then to Red Square led by Natasha. A large part of Red Square is closed off for a future military parade but the team was still able to get some good pictures of St. Basils cathedral. There were some rain drops towards the end of our walk so we hope to leave them in Moscow when we leave.

The goal tonight is to get some good rest and then head off to Ryazan tomorrow.