Russian Flag

Day 7

Our hosts graciously planned the entire day around Russian folklore and traditions. We started off the morning in the cafeteria with a show with Russian Dancing, singing and games. All of the participants dressed up in traditional Russian style costumes for the event.

In the afternoon we had Russian Warrior Games outside. It was another beautiful spring day with the snow melting rapidly, however outside was either slushy or icy. It has been tricky to navigate on the pathways outside of the orphanage and it has been a miracle noone has fallen or gotton hurt in the process.

Dinner was made by the children. Each house made Russian style ravioli's called pilemeni and the children were very excited to be able to create their meals. They rolled dough, filled them each with small pieces of meat and then folded each dough piece into small sealed pockets so the pilemeni could be boiled and eaten at dinner time.

The men had the boys party later in the evening and the women had dinner with the staff for sauna night. The power went out as there was an explosion at the nearby power plant but all was well. Power was fully restored in the town within a couple of hours. The men had a great time bonding with the boys and told ghost stories in the dark and then gave testimonials once they had their full attention. The boys really got into it and during evening prayer some of them decided they wanted to lead it.

The women enjoyed the evening in the sauna (a traditional weekly event here in Russia) with dinner, dessert and great conversation.