Russian Flag

Day 2

Day 3 was our first full day at the orphanage. We woke up bright eyed after our long drive from Moscow ready to engage with the children. The difference between this day and yesterday's was that the children were more engaging and ready to participate. We were also more engaging after soaking in and adjusting to our arrival and dealing with some of our previous day's anxieties.

We had hours worth of relay races where each family house had representatives participate and win gold coins for competition. They called it the Russian Olympics and honestly it was pretty hilarious watching 6'7inch Mark hop across the floor with a basketball between his legs during one of the races. Seriously some of us were laughing so hard at watching him we fell over onto the floor. We also had crafts with the kids. The glittery glue pens we brought were a huge hit with the kids and we actually needed to kick a few out of the room when craft time was done.

At night the kids were very eager to give us all hugs after evening prayer, as were we.

All in all a pretty good day