Russian Flag

Day 2

Saturday in Russia-10 hours ahead of California-so we could theoretically hear John do his Saturday night service on our Sunday am…

We are at breakfast…Kelly tells us to enjoy the huge buffet because we won’t see recognizable food for awhile

Great team devotional…what are we grateful for?

  • Shannon-Diversity among our team-people from different walks of life and experience in Christ
  • Jennifer-Sense of humor
  • Mark-openness of David to “take off the mask” and share real feelings/issues
  • David-the send of caring and love for one another that he has already experienced
  • Jennifer-positiveness of team members
  • Mark-incredible effort and work that Shannon and Kelly put in to make the trip happen
  • Joe-grateful for the team

Kelly led a discussion about how we can best show Christ’s love in competition

  • Limited or no sarcasm
  • High five each other when we win, lose or draw
  • Encouraging each other
  • Assisting the other teams

Funny comment: we said we will play Bingo for Ken, since he isn’t on a cruise!

Bus picks us up…as with most group trips it takes a long time to pack-up, move people, bags, etc…finally off to shopping for stuff that we need at orphanage

On the way to the “Russian Costco” I dialed my phone (God thing) and got a call-back from United 1K desk saying the missing bag was found in DC and was on the Friday night flight to Moscow-answer to prayer (to be continued)

Shopped, ate at McDonalds…now we are headed to the orphanage…its raining…the expected blizzard has turned into rain because it is right about freezing or above…

Arrival at the orphanage…grey, dark, non-descript from the outside…cement/cold looking…big compound

No one greets us …then door opens with a leader…then a couple of kids…then more kids, with little guy (we call him “pocket Hercules”) carrying a bag that weighs as much as he does…

Bringing the bags in from the truck…faces all staring…then some smiles of kids recognizing Kelly, Shannon and David (debug)…so cool…but still very quiet as the bags are all placed in the front entrance of this huge building with multiple floors and wings…

More kids coming from all directions…warming up to us…so cool…

Then we carry the bags about 100 yards thru dark hallways to get to our rooms…kids appearing, so interested…we bring loudness and smiles and noise to a quiet place with kids who in the US would be screaming and laughing and loud…