Russian Flag

Day 1

All ready to go…arrived at the airport at 6:50am …team all ready to go…I’m so excited to have people going who are even out of work…wow, talk about commitment!

Here we go…ground staff didn’t want to allow Shannon to carry her roller bag on, but God worked it out and we are on our flight to Dulles…excited…real sense of peace now that we are on-board and work is left behind for most of us…

We have talked a lot about being authentic…very much focused as a team on trying to have it be much more about not what we bring to the kids, but much more about letting God shine through us.

It struck us that the kids only get visitors twice a year…great opportunity for all of us.

On our second flight, Dulles to Moscow, with half of the team(4) already having been here but the other four of us never having been to Russia. Kat is of Russian descent and she is first family member to come to Russia in two generations…

We land in Moscow…missing a bag…it doesn’t “deflate us” but we are so concerned about the crafts and games that we won’t be able to play with the kids. After an hour, we finally get thru customs-I had 18 packs of playing cards so the customs official asked if I was a professional card player. I responded that I would be the last person in the world who would be professional, I’m horrible at cards…

Long drive to hotel…get there, get settled and we all struggled to stay awake until 9pm when we crashed…adventure started…

The spirit of God goes before me, making safe and successful my way.

And the team is safely in Moscow! It was snowing when we arrived and the city is blanketed in white.  We are 10 hours ahead so our main objectives after landing were hotel check in, a couple meals and a devotional. One camp bag ended up somewhere other than Moscow, so will do what we can to re-stock crafts and games with a shopping trip on our way to the orphanage tomorrow. What a privilege it is to be here expressing God’s divine love!