Russian Flag



Day 8

Our day started once again around 8 o’clock with our morning meeting. Over tea and cookies we discussed our daily devotional, covered the schedule for the day, and closed with a prayer that included our requests for both the team and the community that surrounds us.

After a quick breakfast of boiled eggs and cornflake cereal, we boarded buses for our field trip to the city of Ryazan. The ride there was filled with games and jokes between our team and the children of the orphanage, only serving to strengthen the bonds and the friendships that have been developed thus far. Posing for photos also continued to be a popular form of entertainment, as the children loved the fact that we could snap photos and show them the finished product within a period of seconds.

Upon our arrival in Ryazan, we headed to the cities Kremlin, which dominated the skyline with its beauty and ancient imagery. We crossed the main bridge, which helped modern day tourists like ourselves pass through the massive moat that protected the Kremlin, and arrived in the middle of the epic fortress.

The Kremlin consisted of about 10 buildings, with the church being the first one explored by our group. As soon we stepped inside, the ancient culture and traditions immediately made their presence felt. Woman were prompted to put on head scarves, and silence filled the air as tourists from near and far examined everything that the church had to offer. From ancient relics to elaborate paintings the stretched from floor to ceiling, the church inside the Ryazan Kremlin was a site seldom seen by Americans, and brought with it a sense of history and holiness that is felt down to ones very core.

In one of the corners was a relic elaborately stored inside of a golden box, with a placard indicating that piece of cloth inside was once a small part of a garment worn by Jesus Christ. Other similar relics were disperessed around the churches walls, with pieces of bone, hair, and clothing from various saints being proudly displayed.

From the church we headed down a long flight of stairs to the Oka river, which runs alongside the Ryazan Kremlin.