Russian Flag



DAy 4

Today was another beautiful day in Russia.  There were three main items on the agenda for Day 4; 1) go to the lake and have a fun day of fellowship and activities; 2) eat some Shashlik; 3) eat more Shashlik.  Shashlik is basically a shish-kabob; it’s pork marinated overnight in red wine and spices and cooked on an open fire and served with boiled potatoes, tomatoes, and cucumbers.  There was enough Shahlik to feed a Russian army for a week!

The day started with a trip to the lake in two buses.  At the lake, the group was divided up into four teams.  Each team had various activities to perform.  They ranged from climbing on a spider web where the penalty for falling off was to recite a poem (one group regaled with the Beatles “Yellow Submarine” due to the general lack of poetic knowledge) to shooting balloons with a be-be gun.  After the activities, the Shaslik feast was on.

Once all parties were satisfied with Shaslik, the group moved down to the lake where we engaged in water activities.  There were swimming races, throwing of the American Football (which some of the Russian kids do quite well), and general running around and playing in the water.  The time with the kids was fun and we further developed our relationships with them as well as the staff.  Almost as important, all the running around worked up our hunger for, you guessed it, more Shaslik.

We got back to the orphanage tired and will full bellies and we all slept well!