Russian Flag



Day 2

Our team met this morning after a night of loud thunder and lightning. David reported seeing a bear earlier during the night, but Jeff and Robin agreed that it was more likely to be one of the many stray dogs that wander around Ribnoe. Today was sports day at the orphanage and the school’s P.E. Teacher, Anatoly, arranged several relays and games for the kids and us to play in the gym. We had to run through cones while carrying a boy on an army cot, which was interesting to say the least. Then John Christopher and many of the older boys played soccer with a balloon, so most of the play was using headers. Julie and her group of girls beat Whitney at tug of war, which gave Julie some bragging rights for a little while.

Carolyn played a fast and furious game of hockey with the older girls and a basketball for the puck. None of the girls were injured, but a few people on the sidelines got whacked. After lunch the Russians arranged a treasure hunt with activity stations set up around the orphanage complex. The kids insisted on running to each station, and some of the older team members had trouble keeping up (ie. Robin). The treasure hunt was successful until the end when one team misinterpreted the last clue and searched for the treasure in the wrong spot for ten minutes. Eventually a teacher found them and directed them to their treasure.

After Dinner Jeff gave an inspiring testimony and then the younger kids did crafts and the older kids played basketball with John C, David, and Kelley. All three worked hard to keep up with the kids, but most of their shots were made by their female teammate Olya. At the crafts The kids planted seeds in pots that they decorated. At night we went to the boys’ room and the girls’ room to pray. One of the girls, Olya, offered to prayer which was a blessing because it is rare for kids to offer to play, so hopefully that trend will continue in the upcoming week. Everyone is doing well, but please pray for John Christopher who has a respiratory infection and is feeling bad. Thank you for your thoughts.