Russian Flag



Day 10

We started the day as we always do, with morning devotional.  This is always a nice way to begin the day in the right frame of mind.  The smells of coffee, tea, and hot chocolate fill our unit as we gather around the meeting table.  One by one, team members grab an open seat as we go over the events of the day.

The reality that the trip is rapidly coming to an end fills the air, for last night was our last dinner with the children.

Schedule for today includes:

  1. Breakfast with the kids
  2. Crafts, where we provided photos for the kids to make their own photo boxes
  3. Lunch with the kids
  4. Free time
  5. Talent Show
  6. Staff Appreciation dinner

Some of us Americans used the free time to walk to the store with a handful of kids to buy them ice cream.  The smiling faces were priceless!

The talent show consisted of singing skits from the children, dancing from staff members, and a variety of skits such as juggling and Russian slang talk from the Americans.  The show was a big hit!  A slide show consisting of photos from camp concluded the event. 

The staff appreciation dinner was a lot of fun.  It consisted of a wide variety of Russian dishes ranging from salmon and chicken, to dark bread and borsch.  Wine and Russian Vodka were also on the menu; accompanied by multiple toasts as is customary with such an event.  What was to be our last dinner at the orphanage turned into an impromptu disco dance party.  Music was playing while staff members, translators, and Americans all circled the dance floor in a celebration of unity and joy.  One by one, each of us Americans snuck away to say good night to the children with bedtime prayers.  One by one we came back for a final dance - no one wanted the night to end.

Some of us Americans stayed up late with some of the translators playing Russian Fool (a card game that we all became quite fond of) in an attempt to put off the inevitable- our last night in Rybnoe.