Russian Flag

Day 7

We are headed for the Rybnoe Orphanage!

After having our morning devotional together and spending some time in prayer, Vielka and me packed up our things and checked out of the Lovech Hotel in Ryazan.  Our driver waited for us outside in a grey van.  We drove the 15 km up the M5 towards Rybnoe, pulling in front of the building.  We unloaded our bags and settled into our rooms.  The kids were mostly still sleeping since it is their holiday vacation.

After having tea with Valery, the orphanage director, the kids began to appear.  They did not know whether we would come to pay them a visit and we confused as to why we had to leave the next day, but they were glad to have the visit and ran up to hug us as soon as they saw us. We were amazed to see how much they had grown in that short period of time.   We snuck around to the family rooms and surprised the kids who ran up to hug us. 

Vielka implemented some crafts and faith activities in the cafeteria and Elen, our interpreter, worked overtime to deliver sponsor letters to the children and translate the replies prior to our departure.  The day seemed to race by with all of the different activities.  The kids were asking for different crafts and asking us to come to one location or another to play sports with them.  We went room to room at night and prayed with the children , asking first if any of them wanted to pray.  Some did and they thanked the Lord for a great day.  Then the kids hugged us before going to sleep (with some coming back a few times). 

We met new kids and saw old friends.  But it was tough to explain why we couldn’t come the whole time, but I think we did our best.

After the last room, the caretaker asked us to drink tea with her and she stuffed us full of food while smiling and telling stories.  The trip’s end is near…but this day was a great way start bringing it to a close.