Day 6

Hard to believe that the week has flown by as it has! We awoke this morning to another warm sunny dry day, a neighbor's rooster competing with the other neighbor's cow, the trucks, the bands, and more dynamite for our attention. Our devotion and prayer time this morning focused on the poor and compassionate service and the fact that being materially poor does not at all correlate with a person's spiritual “richness,” and in fact often an inverse relationship exists.

It seems that many Cocachacrans now are curious about our clinic and our work, stopping to look or inquire. We are grateful that they have come and grateful that we can invite them in. We are even more delighted and grateful that we have something to offer them – the medical or dental care as well as a gift more precious than gold – the gift of eternal salvation! By the end of this day – our last day in clinic – we will have seen close to 400 patients and about 250 will have prayed to accept Christ with 50 desiring a pastor's visit for personal prayer and study. All this has come from the small mustard seed of faith that was expressed over one year ago by a small body of believers in Cocachacra! A church of about 20 people has reached 400 of their neighbors with the Gospel!

Clinic continued this morning through lunch, then we exchanged gifts with the church leaders. Theirs to us was a beautiful chocolate cake and fresh fruit plate and ours to them was an assortment of craft items for their children's ministry and a supply of Bread of Life devotionals in Spanish. The pharmacy, medical clinic, and dental clinics were then packed and we stayed into the evening for a great time of worship and praise with the local church.