Day 5

As we have begun every day, we started the day with prayer and a devotional. Today we looked at Psalm 103 and thought about being thankful. We noted that what we have experienced thus far among the Peruvian people who are working with us and who are our patients is that despite their poverty and (by our standards) difficult circumstances, they are grateful. They are grateful for our presence with them, they are grateful for each other, they are grateful for the little that they do have, and they are grateful for God. We have all, quite honestly, been humbled to be with them, to serve with those from the church who have given so much to make this clinic a success, and see the appreciation on their faces as they are with us. We feel that we are the ones who need to be appreciative!

Our clinics continue with the constant backdrop of bands playing various tunes, sometimes recognizable, sometimes new; occasional processions of Mary, a cross, or Jesus; singing; and the ever present dynamite blasts and we have settled into a work flow – patient registration, vital signs, see the provider or dentist or hygienist, prayer and counseling, receive medications, receive health education – that is comfortable and pleasant, allowing the smile or the touch to be unhurried and communicate that which we have come to give – the love of Jesus.

One young woman walked into our clinic today with her long list of chronic medical problems and a new complaint of being especially short of breath. A few tests were quickly done which revealed a low blood oxygen level and we were able to help her with a breathing treatment – and prayer. She will follow up with her regular place of care soon, but for today at least she is breathing a lot more comfortably. She will also follow up with the pastor for pastoral care in her new walk with Jesus.

Again, over 60 people accepted Christ and over 15 asked for pastoral visits to start a Bible study! Praise God!