Day 3

Today´s clinic was slow enough to allow us to work the "bugs" out of our systems and processes but busy enough that it was a fulfilling day for all. Dr Steve DDS, Sue Bartoo, and Wanda (dental assistant) got the dental clinic going with a steady stream of “customers” throughout the day, and the medical team (providers Melynda, Julie M, Judy S, and Steve; nurses Nancy and Jen; translator/helper Laura) saw patients throughout the day. The pharmacy (Ryan, Judy H, Jeremy, Julie D) got busy with their efficient flow of paper, drugs and delivery.

One thing that became obvious today was the fact that many people suffer severely with dental pain from bad teeth – and any of us that have ever had a toothache know how horrible that is! Imagine if there was no dentist in your town – or the next town – or the next... Imagine how difficult life would seem if that toothache became a constant fixture in your life; and then imagine a second tooth going bad... And then imagine the welcomed relief of having a dentist show up with a smile on his face and the touch of Jesus in all he said and did who could make that pain go away.

Public health teaching began and the evangelism team (national pastors and specially trained lay evangelists) began their ministry of praying and speaking with each and every patient seen. The EvangeCube was used with every patient to present the Gospel message, and among those seen today, 41 people prayed to receive Christ and 11 specifically asked that the pastor would visit them in their home in the next week or so. What a blessing to see the Lord´s hand in all of this!