Day 2

Sunday morning we finally met all together as a complete team when we gathered for a yummy breakfast of coffee, juice, fresh fruit, yoghurt, eggs, and potatoes. Ryan Mickelson (pharmacist, Oregon), Steven St. Germain (dentist, New Hampshire), Julie Murray (nurse practitioner, Connecticut), and Sue Bartoo (dental hygienist, Ohio) along with Madeleine Allard and her husband Murray and daughter Chantal (New Brunswich, Canada) welcomed all us Californians with grand embraces as we planned our travel and set up day.

After breakfast we traveled by bus to Cocachacra, Cocachacra, Peru 2010 trip a small village deep in the valleys northeast of Lima. (On google maps it is actually labeled San Bartolome) There we checked into our hotel – the Cocachacra Wasi – had a wonderful lunch there, then headed off to the clinic to set up the pharmacy and the dental area. The hotel and clinic are about three or four blocks and our walk through town felt a bit like a parade with smiles and greetings all along the route!

The “clinic” turned out to be a small three room house that was completely empty – not a stick of furniture to be seen. But as we arrived and began moving our stuff inside, the people of the church appeared, bringing tables and chairs and benches – and over the course of two or three hours – Voilá! - we had a Western looking completely furnished two chair dental office in the front room and a beautifully organized pharmacy in the back room! Outside was the suction machine for the dental office with a tube that snaked through a hole in the wall to the chairs.

By late afternoon we were ready for a time of worship with the local church members who had volunteered to assist with the clinic, so we all gathered in the area in which we would be seeing patients, formed a circle, prayed and then introduced ourselves (with translation as needed). One man shared that he had fasted for the past few days in anticipation of the clinic outreach and that he would fast during the clinic days. Others shared that they have been in prayer for one year for their neighbors to come to Christ through the work of the clinic! We later learned that this church only has about twenty members – and almost all of them were involved in this outreach with us! This was concluded with a beautiful and holy time of worship, anointed by the Holy Spirit, filling us for the week to come.