Dau 1

¡Hola Family & Friends!

We have arrived Lima! Our travel day began early – the 6 am flight meant airport arrival at 4 am which meant leaving home at 3:30 am which meant getting up at... well, you get the idea! So with great excitement we boarded the plane, tried to get some more sleep before landing in Miami. After a short one hour layover we then tried to begin our international journey to Lima – but a mechanical problem left us in the plane but at the gate in Miami for over two hours! Now our arrival in Lima will be one o'clock in the morning! But all was well once airborne and after a five hour flight we did indeed arrive in Lima, Perú.

One hurdle remained before the ministry could begin – the clearance of meds through customs. A paperwork problem had left government approval in the air so we had two plans in place – one if the government official was there to meet us; another plan if not. As we gathered our bags, there they appeared – two government health officials to greet us and to inspect the medicines for their expiration dates. All was well, and off we went!

Madeleine and her MMI staff were there to greet us and get us safely tucked away in our Lima hotel (the Hotel Santa Cruz, Miraflores). By 2:15 am, all were asleep, dreaming of adventures to come in the morn!