Panama 2005
February 26 - March 6, 2005

First Row:
Paul Williams, Chris Dunn, Arden Anderson, Sharon Houck
2nd Row:
Raquel Burgos, Chuck Hornbeck, Nancy Griffin, Jean Williams,
Tami Tyler, Rosalind Chang
3rd Row:
Tony Burgos, Bev White, Rika Harris
Back Row: Lynda Watson, Tom Watson, Jobella Bryant,
Cathy Engelking, Rob Rochelle, John Selling
Not Shown: Leslie Luff, Metta Gerber

During our 8-day trip, our 21 member Team will work just outside of LaChorrera, Panama, about a one-hour drive west of Panama City. We will provide medical care to about 700 Panamanians of all ages, and dental care to about 50. Our efforts are somewhat unique in that six Team members are from Peninsula Covenant Church (PCC), 15 are from Menlo Park Presbyterian Church (MPPC), and members of Medical Mission International (MMI) headquartered in Canada, and Christ For The City International (CFCI) based in Latin America will join us. While our professional Team (4 M.D.s, 5 R.N.’s, 3 R.Ph.’s, a dentist and a dental assistant, plus 7 helpers) cares for the physical needs of our patients, MMI and CFCI staff, in cooperation with local Panamanian Church members (trained in evangelism by CFCI), will share the gospel of Jesus Christ with everyone who comes to our clinic.

Please pray that:

  • The Lord will provide all of the medicines and medical and dental supplies needed for this mission (the tsunami disaster has dried up our normal sources of inexpensive medications).
  • Our Team will have peace of mind as we leave loved ones behind, and that we will be humble and focused on Christ’s work.
  • The evangelical team’s spiritual counselors will speak God’s Word with clarity and boldness.
  • The Holy Spirit will draw the people to God.

You can follow our daily progress in Panama, including pictures, by logging on to the Menlo Park Presbyterian Church website at Then click on Mission, then on Mission Home, then on Current Trips-Panama