Today has really been a relaxing fun time what with getting up late, having a continental breakfast here at the hotel,

wandering around for some last minute shopping (WHEN does that ever end!!) before boarding our bus to go to Lago Nicaragua. We were outside ready to board our bus and leave our hotel when we heard a peculiar noise coming our way and everybody started running for cover when a torrential downpour deluged us...when it decides to rain, it does so, in spades, as we saw last night too! We got to the lake, and we all got into a little tour boat for a ride.

We saw the bigness of this lake, on the order of a Great lake, with the water being quite warm, fresh, and unpolluted contrasted to Lake Managua. Fresh waster sharks live here along with other fish. including the Guapote fish, that reminds me of the St Peter's fish of the Sea of Galilee (makes exquisite eating as I found out later), plenty of colorful shore birds, cormorants, small heron-like birds, swallows, lush and pretty trees, marsh reeds, and yellow flowers.

We saw a number of beoootiful homes on little paradise-like islands and again visited the "monkey island" which had a number of cute monkeys, curious and swinging around with their prehensile tails.

Then through some rainy weather lunching again at "Pollo Narcy's" and finally back to our "home" here in Mangagua, at the Baptist mission. Finished most of our packing, had a nice cool shower, and went for a meal at a nearby Catholic retreat center and exchanging of gifts, plaudits, love, prayer, and picture taking.

This last day has been just great and we are now back at the Baptist Mission "Bed and Breakfast" last minute packing and to snatch a few ours of sleep waking up to leave at 5 AM tomorrow to get our flight home shortly after 7AM. So, here we come Houston and SFO, tired but happy with hearts and heads full of memories, love, and desire to share all who would hear about the Love and Power of our Lord here in Nicaragua.

See y'all next year! Come and join with us, serve, and prepare to be used and blessed "out of your socks"!