Reflections of our last day of clinic.

What was it all about? Their teeth will be dirty again, they will get new infections, the parasites will return, and the vitamins will run out. So, why did we come? We were just a team to help the community evangelize their neighbors,

using EvangeCubes,



prayer and healing service.

That's what it's really about. If one looks at this community with the dirt, the smell, the poverty, and the pollution, one would wonder if there would be any solution for these people's many problems. But, as the church grows and one looks at the true heart of these people to evangelize, one realizes that God is smiling, laughing, and loving what these people are doing.

So, it was a privilege to come here and watch the people pray for their neighbors. It was a privilege to worship with them. Their hearts are full of love for Jesus, each other and one another. Their love spilled out up on us. Not only did they love their fellow Nica, they embraced us. They have no idea what our world of material wealth looks like. They are wealthy in the things that really matter.

There is a Nica saying. Big church... lonely people. They have a lot to teach us.
Another Nica saying ... Those who love are never forgotten. And so, in the end this afternoon we all joined hands with our Nica brothers and sisters and praised the Lord in our hearts and spirits, knowing that we are all in the same "forever family"
He who gives, receives more. And we certainly did! PTL!