Greetings from Nicaragua this fine Tuesday. Madeline took pity on us today and decided that we had to have a lighter load so we wouldn't burn out before the end of the week! So we paced ourselves and things did go better. We had three people pulling drugs and three scribing in the Pharmacy and things didn't get backed up. There were plenty of "runners" helping us bring the sheets down from the clinic. Then we would fill the prescriptions and twice a day Madeline would pass out the meds explaining the directions in Spanish. While the people were waiting, there were classes in Health education and testimonies from various team members. We pray that our presence here is an encouragement to all we meet, especially to the Verbo daughter church that is starting at this site.

Everyone was in good spirits in the clinic and the Verbo workers were helpful and friendly to all who came to be examined.

The challenge of providing dental care on a remote site far above the city of Managua has been achieved thanks to Murray, the red haired mechanical marvel in the following photo

Our operatory has a wooden plank floor, aluminum roof and plastic walls. The patients are part of an Evangelical outreach by El Verbo church to their neighbors. It is an opportunity to share the love of Jesus with those who don't know Him by offering this gift of care in His name.

Karla is the dental assistant with our patient Maria.

An overview of our clinic and Nicaraguan dentist. We are providing dental education and post-op meds for our patients. They are all so grateful for the care provided and we pray that they see the light of Jesus and His deep love for them through our extended hands.

After showers and dinner we gathered together for our 40 Days of Purpose "Home" group. We borrowed a DVD player about 4 inches wide from one of the missionary families living here at the Dorm and watched Rick Warren teach us the third weeks lesson. We were living out his model of community right here in Nicaragua!

God has blessed us all with His presence this week.