Bright and early this AM, we 11 intrepid "missionaries" boarded Continental #214 with tons of luggage (personal, medications, "evangecubes", crayons and paper for kids, medical equipment, etc., etc.) at SFO and 8 hours later here we are safe and sound at the Baptist House in Mangua, Nicaragua ready for whatever the Lord has in mind for this med-dent team over the next 8 days.

Checking in at SFO

Interesting to note that a 6.5 earthquake with the epicenter 40 miles away happened this PM, but all is OK without damages or injury...but then we were in the air at the time, so SAFE again!! Anxious to know about any earthquakes that may have occurred up in the 48, like Stanford vs ND, Cal vs USC, or the like...Hah!

Quick bite to eat before we board in Houston

Our accomodations are just great (same place as last year) and all the peanut butter, maple syrup, and gatorade powder ready to be comsumed along with the perpetual rice and beans. Weather is fine...yes, of course, it's HOT, but not too bad. The barrio where we shall minister sounds interesting and challenging. We shall see that tomorrow when we set up for Monday. Everybody is excited to get started and to see what the Lord has in store for us.

Going through passport control

Continue to pray for us to be good ambassadors of Christ, to be used in whatever way He has in mind, to remain healthy and energized, and most of all, make a difference!

Prayer before our pizza dinner