Day 5

(Hard working guys with their kill)

This morning we started our day off with a word of prayer and a devotion followed by an excellent breakfast prepared by our missionary host Kathy. Our friends from Monday will be our reinforcements for the day. This means we will be working hard, since they work and play hard.

Then we were off to work.We continued digging the large ditch on the property. Shortly after we started we ran into one of the many large tree stumps. It took at least three guys, an axe, pick axe and shovel to finally get it out. Thanks to Kevin, Al and Jason the digging moved forward.

Kevin welding

The green poles that were so nicely painted by the women of the team the other day were welded together to start the framing of the fence. Kevin and Amanda were both able to try welding since one of the guys from Thomas’ church knows how to weld. We were lucky enough to have someone who could teach us.

Amanda the welding queen of Nicaragua

A Nicaraguan distraction

So digging ditches can become boring. Especially, when this is the second day of this type of work. It is easy to decide to stop and take a water break, start chatting, or just look around at the beautiful views. The cow is one of the many distractions that we had.

team celebration – Team ditch celebration

Finally, the trench was finished. Our team of Americans and Nicaraguans were extremely happy to not have to dig anymore. What a moment. We were all glad as we headed back to the house.

Learning to play lacrosse with Kelsey

The fun was just beginning. As dirty as we all were from digging the ditch, Thomas and his friends had plenty of energy to learn how to play lacrosse.

After dinner dominos in the dark

After a full day of work we were definitely ready for some time to relax. We all needed to hit the showers to wash off all of the dirt. After dinner we received news that we would lose our electricity for about forty mintues, but the game of dominos would not be stopped. You can see our flashlights and candles in the picture above.