Day 2

With our first full day we woke up at the crack of dawn to the abundant crows of the roosters. After our morning devotional and a quick breakfast, we headed off on a short tour of Nicaragua. We visited the Parque de la Paz (Peace Park), the current and former offices of the president of Nicaragua, and saw a great view from the Sandino monument.

After our short tour we headed to the Verbo church of Nicaragua. We had a great time dancing and singing, and hearing Amanda translate the sermon for us.

Next stop was the market. You can buy many things there, including these lovely octopi.

Also at the market, Halle picked up some fun firecrackers for the fourth of July.

We put on the clothing sale today. We got about 45 or 50 people there. It was plenty of fun until it got rained out. Fortunately, we were just about finished by that time.

Now batting: the home run pride of California, Kevin Conley. This is from our pickup game at the baseball field. We all had fun slipping and getting dirty.

Halle heads for the hills as we celebrate our Independence Day in Nicaragua.