Day 1

Sat July 3rd:

After a smooth departure from SFO, we arrived in Nicaragua. Notice the clean clothes and smiles as we headed towards day #1 of our adventure.

Pictured above: (Kay & Brian Chin, Lisa Tifft,
Kelsey Twist and Jason Yaukey)


Pictured above: (Jason Yaukey, Kelsey Twist, Lisa Tifft,
Kay and Brian Chin, Al Piscione and Thomas.

Back at Halle and Cathy’s house, we arrived just in time for dinner. Expecting a Nicaraguan meal of gallo pinto (rice and beans) we were pleasantly surprised to have Domino’s Pizza waiting for us. Two other groups of missionaries are currently visiting To help with the development of the sports center

The team have Nicaraguan Domino’s Pizza

After dinner we set about planning the next day. Because of wonderful helpers And donations from home (thank you Gaylenne, Ken and others) we were able To bring along several duffel bags of clothes for a Sunday afternoon garage sale.

After dinner we set out to group and organize the goods to get ready for Sunday.