Imagine one week away from all phones, faxes and email in one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere. Add to that Spartan dormitory-like accommodations that include abused and abandoned children from the streets of Managua who have nothing except the love in their hearts, and they give generously of themselves.

My trip was a break from some non-essential creature comforts in which I was able to reflect on my walk with Jesus Christ, my personal mission and my future. I found hope and I found people around me who had set their priorities according to God’s plan, and I saw how He was faithfully helping them along the road they had chosen.

I realized that I had all the tools and resources I needed, that I as one person can make a difference; I just needed to take that first step of faith and God will be with me all the way.

Centro Cristiana de la Familia-CECRISDEFA-(Christian Family Center) on the outskirts of Managua is a ray of hope in a desperate country, and the school, children’s shelter and medical clinic are being built one brick at a time thought the efforts of the local faithful and MPPC along with The Vineyard Church in San Jose (Calif.).

I went down there and laid a few bricks, but God rebuilt my life in the process. I found that whatever I use of my gifts, when I give, I am rewarded one hundred times over.