Nicaragua Photo Gallery

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Eduardo, Carolina and Johanna

Karen painting Darvin’s face

Geri after having his face painted

Kids at the end of their dance performance

Eduardo and Jeni hug each other

Marcos and Milton

Brian and Milton playing with the wheelbarrow

Marcos, Eduardo and Karen hanging out with Amanda

Brian, Milton and Pilar having fun with the wheelbarrow

Face painting with the kids at the shelter

Juana smiling for the camera

Milton, Brian and Francisco show off their painted faces

Bubbles were a great past time

Doña Carmen, our cook, in the cafeteria kitchen

Arlin with Jose Rocha speaking at the ground breaking ceremony

Night church service with the community

Ladies come to show support for the school and shelter

Bob helping with craft time at the school

Arlin and Jen taking photos of each child for craft time

Milton and Carolina painting Arlin
Craft time at the shelter
Geri having fun with so many balls of yarn

Freddie peering out from his home

A young girl standing in front of her home

Group massages helped the aching muscles from so much hard work

Kevin receiving the Gumby

Higenio, the security guard and Jeni

Higenio enjoying his new rocking chair

Houses in the surrounding local community

A closer look at a house in the community

Esperanza and Ruth, the house moms, with Maria and Juana

Mary with Marlin and Rosabel

A group of kids from the school at recess

Kids enjoying a break during a school day

Kids drawing on their coloring pages

Jeni coloring with Carolina and Pilar

Kids hanging around after school

Two girls posing for a photo after school

Kevin, the clown, gathered lots of kids when he was clowning around

Jeni keeping kids away to make the work area safe

Julia and Darvin hug Pilar, Javier, Marcos and Johanna

A group of girls taking a break during recess

During recess snacks are sold by ladies in the community

Rosemarie working hard at painting a room in the shelter

A picture of the

A picture of the Arms of Love shelter

Debriefing at the beach

Teamtime was always a special time during the day

Team bonding was a highlight throughout the week

Julia and Vivian posing with the doctor’s wife

A group photo on the steps of the Arms of Love shelter

Team working on surprise gifts for the kids at the shelter

Arlin dousing Jen with water during a “cooling off” one evening

Dinner one night during debrief

The team at a Peace Park in Managua

Jeni and Jen sifting sand while Mary does the shoveling

Bob and Mary sift sand with the help of Pilar and Karen

Karen and Pilar on their own sifting sand with Rosabel helping

Jen and Arlin found creative solutions for hauling out more dirt

Juana and Carolina take their turn sifting sand

Jen, Kevin and Bob working hard at ditch digging

Kevin in the hole showing off the team’s work